Controlling a Noisy Classroom

The Noisy Classroom Dilemma

Does a noisy classroom mean that learning is not occurring?

It may or may not. There a lot of factors that will prove one way or another? Take this quick quiz to see if your noisy classroom is still a learning classroom.

There are a range of strategies that you can put in place to turn a NOISY CLASS into a LEARNING CLASS.

Try these strategies below to help take control of your noisy classroom.​


Vary everything about the lesson - talk softer, talk faster, speed the activity up, slow it down.

Sometimes this can refocus a group in a noisy classroom.

Variety is the spice of life and the flavouring to most quality classrooms.


Use a conch (or similar.

Remember Lord of the Flies?

That's the behaviour management strategy used to control a large group discussion.

Have a discussion time where only the CONCH holder can talk.

This activity is best completed in a circle but can be achieved while students are seated. Instead of a conch, use a very soft foam ball that can be passed by throwing without taking out an eye.

You can let out a little aggression here. When it's your turn with the conch, lob a fast ball at one of your little turkeys who might not be watching.


Students in noisy classroom can sometimes benefit by a physical game.

I always carry a set of tennis balls so I don't have to rely on getting sporting equipment. There are hundreds of games you can play with a tennis ball, including just throwing and catching with a partner.

I like to attach this physical activity with a lunch break.

The kids can go straight from the game to their lunch area.

noisy classroom cartoon


Try an investigation.

Investigations are great for noisy classrooms because sharing and talking is the basis of the learning.

Don't have? Don't worry.  I have you might like to use..

Talking is an essential part of the activity.

Investigations, if they are purposeful, can be fabulous learning activities.


Some groups just like a bit of noise to fill the vacant space left by a silent activity.

Try playing non-invasive music if you want the students to do a silent activity.

Forget about the punk-rock and dooff-dooff stuff.

Noisy Classroom Ideas

I would love to hear from you about a strategy that you have used successfully when you encounter a noisy classroom.

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