Critical Hints for Student Compliance

Student Compliance

Student compliance needs some careful consideration for the relief teacher.

Managing student behaviour will often determine the success of your relief teaching classroom and student compliance is a big factor. 

As a rule, students would generally rather comply than not. There is whole complicated scenario that develops when student compliance is challenged. This scenario involved tension and drama and even the little ratbags would rather not have that situation.  

Surprisingly, when give the option, trouble makers would rather behave. In other words, student compliance is the preferred "modus operandi"

It would be fantastic if student compliance was the normal situation for all relief teaching classrooms.

It might be easier than you think.

Student compliance in your relief teaching classroom is more likely if you assume a more proactive position with how you manage. student behaviour.

Often it might be as simple as giving instructions more appropriately.

Suppose after giving a direction to do something, you expect that the student will follow your instructions.  Your expectation of compliance often determines how a student will react. In fact, when you anticipate compliance you might be surprised how often student compliance occurs. 

student compliance

Student compliance really doesn't seem much to ask for.

Most teacher would be really happy if the kids simply did what was asked of them.

Sometimes, the teacher behaviour gives the student the opportunity NOT to comply with instructions or directions.  

How to make requests for student compliance.

anticipate compliance

For example, in your travels around the room you notice Gina is reading a book and not doing her meath.

You take the least intrusive path, “Thanks for putting that book away, Gina.”

(NB – Closed request - a closed request doesn't give the student a chance of reply)

Close your request. You can close off a request by prefacing your statement with an expectation of compliance. Such statements like “Thank you for closing the windows for me, Paul”. Few students are likely to refuse a request phrased in such a way.

However, the key to implementing the Anticipate Compliance strategy is that you continue to move around the room dealing with whatever you need to deal with and act as if Gina will comply and follow your instructions.

Gina feels your expectation and 99.9% of the time she will comply. She is not going to get any mileage if she doesn't because you have already moved on!

Consider the alternative action when dealing with behaviour scenario that may develop when you DON'T anticipate compliance.

Let's assume you say the same thing, but instead of anticipating compliance, you stand at Gina’s desk with arms on your hips and a snarl ready on your lips. You are ready for a fight and Gina is likely to accommodate you.

You could even ask the dreaded question. "What Are You Doing?"

This creates another scenario completely.

Gina is likely to challenge your authority and create a scene. You are standing right there and posturing for a battle. In all probability, Gina is likely to accommodate your aggressive position with an equally aggressive position.

Anticipate Compliance and Move On.

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