Mapping Australia

Mapping Australia - by hand

Relief Teaching Mapping Australia Exercise

Mapping Australia is an important skill but it doesn't often appear on any curriculum.

The best part about relief teaching is that you have political licence on which part of the curriculum you apply.

The students begin mapping Australia by starting off with an activity sheet of Australian place names. Some are towns and some are cities.

Students must use their Atlas to locate the places and using reference points along the coastline (skill taught in the Australian Borders exercise), they should cut the name from the sheet and glue it on their map.

The dot beside the place-name should be located where the town is situated.

This is a skill you may need to teach. My guess would be that kids might not have a lot of mapping experience. They may not even be fully conversant with the use of the atlas. This is not a skill that is used much today.

Mapping Australia Resources

Mapping Australia

You need to have a copy of the worksheet photocopied for the students. CLICK HERE for the activity sheet. The sheet has 5 lists so you will only need 6 copies for a class of 30.

The kids will need to cut the names from the sheet as they are located. The names are quite small so it is best if the students work from one side of the sheet. The other option would be to cut the names from the sheet and place them in a zip lock bag.  This can be a cumbersome option.

However, you will need 30 maps of Australia. CLICK HERE for a template you can use.

Just a little note of warning. Unless the students cut correctly and use glue stick with precision, they will make a complete mess of this activity.

Mapping Australia is a great learning activity for students; one they always enjoy.

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