Teaching Math Games – Can this much fun be Legal.

teaching Math Games

Teaching Math Games With Cards

Teaching Math Games with 41 Math Games will keep your kids enthralled - and learning.

You can just get a coffee and watch learning explode with these math games. 41 Math Games cater for all ages from 6 to 16. Learning is intense when the competition is intense and believe me - some of the games become very competitive.​

And effective teaching and learning is the winner!

How can one math games resource, which is cheaper than the coffee you are drinking, be this good.?

Actually it is completely FREE for Executive Members. But you can get hold of it from my Shop.​

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Let's look at this in-depth just to see if you can see teaching math games like this will fit into your teaching (or relief teaching) repertoire.

It would be absolutely fabulous and generous of you if you LIKED it after watching.If you didn't like it, well... you had better tell me as well.

41 Maths Games

Try one on for size.

Teaching Math Games is serious business. Sure it can be fun, but the essence is learning Math.

This lesson is on BOMDAS.

Students get a Number Grid. (The template is available in the book)​

Playing the Game

Math Games for Relief Teaching

Kids get a number sentence grid. If the kids haven't seen a number sentence grid before, then you have your first teaching episode.

I would most certainly be teaching the concepts of BOMDAS and priority of signs before hand.

I would also be teaching students about using brackets and what the operations each do to numbers.

Start off by giving the kids the number grid. A deck of cards is placed in the middle of the table.

In turn, players turn a card up and places it on the discard pile.

Each player writes this digit in the placement grid in any location of their choice. This is where the fun starts and learning is challenged, because kids have to work out the best location for the number.

When I last used at one of my relief teaching gigs, I just wandered around and listened to the conversation while the kids were playing. You know sometimes, when you are relief teaching, it just feel right!

Teaching Math Games Progesses

As the game progresses and the number sentence grid starts to fill up, math thinking and problem solving starts to kick it.

Then the challenge starts because the cards don't always fall the way you want. Inside the grid is a discard section where kids can place numbers they don't want to use.

However, there is only 6 spaces, so this is where teaching math games comes into play. In 41 Math Card Game, choices need to be made. These Math Games really force math thinking.

Ending the Game

Math Games - last grid of math games. Unwanted cards will need to placed in blank squares making the number sentences incorrect. The winner will be the player with most correct number sentences.

Number sentences are ticked when correct but as cards have to be used to fill up blank squares, some number sentences will be incorrect.

Can you see the math skills required to solve these math problems?

Each player will be taking a different approach.

When I used these math games in my last relief teaching gig, kids were looking at other sheets, comparing how their sheets look

.Prime math thinking, talking and problem solving. Does it get any better than this?

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You just have to agree that teaching math games really engage kids with math.

teaching mat games

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