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Have you ever built mathematics crosswords?

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That's got to be a good thing.

Using Crosswords for Maths is a perfect solution to the age of problem that turn students off maths - FEEDBACK.

Feedback in Maths is almost never provided until all the work is complete - and then only sparingly.

Now, the solution is here.  Crosswords provide instant feedback for students.

They are either right or wrong. Or I should say correct and not yet correct.

That instant feedback is highly valued by students and adults alike. That is why gaming is so popular. Feedback is instant whether you win or not.

Feedback in school is often protracted, if it exists at all. That is why "feedback junkies" do so poorly at school.

Students who will concentrate for hours on a computer game might be lucky to last 5 minutes in the classroom.

Why - They don't get feedback.

Being correct gives you a buzz; a shot of happy juice. People who frequently use crosswords know that feeling every time a word fits correctly inside the crossword grid. The buzz of instant feedback keeps students coming back for more. It encourages greater effort.

In a situation where you are not yet correct, another set of circumstances comes into play and your actions become more strategic.

You could simply hurl the stupid thing out of the window and never touch it (or see it again).

Or you could strategise why you weren't correct and start steps to work out the solution.

So, back to mathematics.

Teachers love to give kids a bank of sums to do. It keeps them quiet, for a while at least. And there is nothing wrong with continual practice of a basic skills like algorithms.

(7 x 3) – (6 + 5) is a perfectly acceptable equation to give to students. And rightly so. The ability to solve this equation is a critical skill for success in mathematics success. There is the priority of sign as well as algorithmic calculations and use of brain power.

Give your class 50 of these and you will be pivotal in a mutiny not seen since Bligh. (That’s William; not Anna – although come to think of it...).

Bring in a crossword into the scenario and the situation might be different. I say “might” because for some students, doing any sort of maths has the same appeal as bathing in toe jam.

But for the most, crosswords add another dimension to an otherwise mind-burning, boring task.

What would happen?

If you handed out a sheet of 50 sums to your class, there would be a mutual groan. Your top 1/5 of your class will  finish the sheet in 10-15 minutes and will want the answers to mark their work and then ask what else can they do now that they have finished and 80% of the class are still working.

The bottom 1/5 will doodle on their sheet without making much effort.

The middle 3/5 will plug away without enjoying it much. In fact no one gets any feedback about their work until it is marked.

Now introduce crosswords.

(7 x 3) – (6 + 5)

All students do this sum.

  • 7 x 3 = 21,
  • 5 + 5 = 10,
  • 21 - 10 = 11.

Move to the crossword grid and enter eleven – only it doesn't fit.

The student would check their working. Yep! That’s correct.

Look at the grid. Yep! Right location.

Look at the Clue – Oh yeah!

They put a 5 instead of a 6. So 21 – 11 = 10. Yep! That fits. Instant feedback.

Effort for teacher -zilch! Effort for student - powerhouse.

You don't get that with the old worksheet.

I created this workbook in My Crossword Maker but the equation option is built into My Crossword Maker Plus.


MCM Box 250x257


Crossword Maker users can download the files in the Crossword Library and import the files into your Crossword Maker program.

Crossword Maker Plus users already have mathematical equations built-in to the dictionary option.

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Either way you can create a bazillion of alternatives.

That's the beauty of My Crossword Maker and My Crossword Maker Plus. You can create a lot of different puzzles from the same data. There is no need to retype anything.

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