Should You Meet and Greet Students?

Some relief teachers start their day with a bonding "Getting to know each other MEET AND GREET session" in the belief that the relationship between the teacher and the student is a significant factor to the success of the learning environment.

In the grand scheme of things, that is completely true - for the full time teacher.

As a relief teacher you are not a significant factor in the student's day - YET!

A relief teacher is just a vehicle to provide a learning experience that may or may not be worthwhile for a limited time or period of time.

In the short term, no-one really cares about you. Suck it in and get over it.

Even the good students will tolerate your presence until you no longer provide value.

Meet and Greet in Focus

The MEET AND GREET is likely to be met with derision by most students. At best it occupies time. At least, students might remember your name.

The feral students couldn't care less about who you are.

In fact, they want everyone to know they do not care about you. They will actively set about being the white ants to your educational constructionism.

That is, unless what you provide something worthy of their attention.

So the morning, "Meet and Greet" is a complete waste of time for the feral class.

I would suggest that the "Meet and Greet" for the relief teacher is of little value to even the best of classes. The meet and greet will occupy time and move the hands of the clock albeit slowly towards the home bell. (I know some who see that as being a worthwhile goal.)

This introductory interlude provides feral students with little or no value and occupies their interest even less.

They just don't care.

For the feral class, the opening activity needs to be a “smack in the face power hit” to focus all students with a clear task and achievable goals.

Do you think the Meet and Greet sessions are valuable?

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