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language activities grumble words

Do you NEED Language Activities that Keep Students Engaged?  

Of Course You Do!​  

Grumble Words is completely FREE for Executive Members. Visitors can purchase Grumble Words from the shop. 

Unfortunately, Some Language Activities are as boring a bat droppings.  

Seriously, you should not make teaching language activities more complex than it needs to be.  

So what language activities work best?

You need language activities that engage students and keep them learning.

We all know that students of all levels require graphophonic skills. Every student needs to know

  • How decode letters to form words
  • How to use phonics to develop words
  • Which blends group together to make words
  • How to Read Words
  • How to Make Words

Enter Grumble Words

language activities

Grumble Words are language activities focused on active engagement.

Students are presented with a grid containing a start + a middle + an ending of some words.

The goal is to put the components together to form a real word.

Grumble (Gr oup + J umble) words is a graphophonic skill building activity suitable for students of all ages. Older students will become strategic and competitive as they incorporate increasing problem solving skills in language activities

Grumble Words is a two-player game. Players require a Grumble Word Board and at least 20 but no more than 30 counters the size of a five-cent piece. In fact, 5 cents pieces make perfect (and the cheapest) counters. Even the cheapest plastic counters cost 10 cents each. If you haven’t already collect your 5 cents in a jar for use as counters.

Players flip a coin to see who goes first.

The player (Player 1) starts and must place a counter (heads up) in each quadrant to make a word.

language activities grumble words

Player 1 writes the word (boat) and scores one point.

Player 2 takes a turn and must, also, place a counter in each quadrant to make a word. Play 2 writes the word (load) and scores one point.

language activities grumble words

Players take turns. Play continues until a player is unable to make a word.


Wildcards (blank circles) appear in some games. These can be used to represent any word element (including nothing)

language activities grumble words

Example 1 (dr)+(ink)+( ) = drink

Example 2 (dr) + ( ) + (s) = dr + op+ s = drops.

The student writes the word and includes the chosen element which fills the wild card.


The game can be played with 4 students working together in two teams.

How to Win

Should you wish to make the activity competitive, the winner can be

1. the player (team) with the most words per sheet.

2. the player or team first to reach 10 (or 20).

3. The player (or team) with the most words after

A new game can be played on the same Grumble Word board or a new Grumble Word board.

Teaching Ideas

  • Play a game on the board as a lesson first.
  • Have 15 laminated Grumble Board sheets ready to go so that they can be collected and reused.
  • Use this activity as a entry ritual.
  • Use one sheet for all groups and examine the all the different words created by students.
  • Have each student work on the same sheet and see how many alternative words can be made using the same Grumble Words.
language activities grumble words

Grumble Words is completely FREE for Executive Members