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Free Resources

The widest range of free teaching resources this side of the black stump.

But if you are relief teaching the other side of the black stump - we have resources for that too.

OnLine Courses

Executive Members get access to a range of online courses to add as credit towards PD. Courses include Behaviour Management, Curriculum and Professional courses. Even non-teaching courses

Crossword Maker

Software to help you develop Crosswords in your classrooms. And of course it comes with a free online course to show you how to Use Crosswords in your Classroom

Pay & Conditions

The most comprehensive compilation of Pay and Working Conditions for Australian Relief Teachers

Reading Resources

A complete range of reading resources to suit students from prep to year 12 and all levels of abilities.

24/7 Advice

Executive Members get a 24/7 Support Ticket for immediate access for support on relief teaching matters

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