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Relief Matters - June 2016

You may have noticed lots of new things happening to reliefteaching.com. The change to this magazine style newsletter is a big one. The upgrade to a new site structure is another. No longer will the newsletter be emailed out. I will let you know when a new Relief Matters comes on line. Members can visit the Membership Lounge any time. I hope you find Relief Matters useful, informative and enjoyable. Let me know what you think about the changes. Bob

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Teaching Tip

Preface all your instructions with "Thanks" and anticipate compliance. For example, "Thanks for putting your comic away, Mary" - then keep moving. Students are less likely to argue to a back and are more likely to comply if you don't actually ask. Consider the reaction to the alternative interaction. "Mary! Put that comic away. You know you are not supposed to have them in class."

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