Relief Teaching Membership Survey Results 2016

Membership Survey - Relief Teaching Ideas

Many members, both free and executive completed the 2016 survey to come up with more relief teaching ideas on how to improve

The goal is to make the best web site, complete with relief teaching ideas, resources, online courses, teaching strategies and information.​

relief teaching survey

Executive Members take up the largest percentage (48%) of survey takers. Standard Members make up 16%. Free members make up a larger than expected proportion of survey takers. This is quite surprising. Free members are quite active on site. More than I thought.

What does that mean for Membership?

Standard membership is now no longer an option. It was not a popular option, with most people preferring to take out the more optionised (is that a word?) Executive Membership. Executive Membership continues to represent the best value with the most resources on offer.

Removing the Members lounge will mean more time can be spent on providing more and better options for the Executive Members through the Executive Suite.

Subsequently, there are various payment options for Executive Membership. Either monthly, annually or lifetime. Obviously life time membership is by far the best value.

In 2017, membership costs will be increased. Those who opt for monthly and annual membership will feel the increase and will have to pay the increased costs to maintain membership. Lifetime Executive Members will not.​ They pay no more EVER.

How Often Do you Visit?

relief teaching ideas

A large percentage of members (36%) visit at least daily or weekly.

This means I have to lift my game to continue to provide new resources, relief teaching ideas and articles to keep these members active.

How Often Do Executive Members Visit?

relief teaching ideas

Executive Members are considerably more active than free or standard members. 79% of Executive Members visit at least weekly compared with 36% for all members.

Executive Members are a pivotal group to the success of and make use of relief teaching ideas and resources.

Do the pages load fast enough?

92% say the pages load fast enough. 6% say they don't and 2% say they are unsure.​

It seems that the move of the site to a higher band server has paid dividends. Plus the use of the image compressing software seems to be working well. I have moved the site to a new Thrive Pressive theme which works extremely well and am now using Thrive plug in to maintain compatability. This seems to be paying off. 

Is it easy to find stuff?

relief teaching ideas

This is obviously a problem area that needs to be fixed. 15% have difficulty finding what they are looking for, That is too high so I have taken steps to remedy this problem.

When you sign in ​Executive Members will be taken directly to the Executive Suite. The suite contains all the links to everything you could possibly want in the ONE place - Resources, Online Courses, Freebies. Free Members will be taken to the Foyer which contains everything they are able to access.

How is structured.

This site contains hundreds ​over 300 POSTS. A post can be an excerpt of an article, relief teaching ideas, resources or strategies. You can access the complete article by clicking the post READ MORE link. 

The site also contains over 300 ARTICLES which are pages. The TITLES of these pages are grouped into into subject categories.​Your will be able to find more relief teaching ideas quicker.

How to Find Stuff has been improved. 

What Members Like Best​

This is a few of the comments about what Members Like Best​.

I love the resources and find them very practical. I often recommend your resources to others.

Jane M
Exeutive Member                 

I love this site because it caters specifically to the needs of relief teachers and the issue we face each day. 🙂

Bec T
Free Member                 

I visit at least once a week ad am very happy with my Executive membership. I really like the online courses and the fact that we can post comments throughout the course, read the opinions of collages and get feedback. I am also loving the free resources because they are different to the other stuff out there.

Gabry B
Executive Member                 

The material available is specifically for the relief teacher.  I also enjoy the regular newsletter. Well done Bob. You have good ideas.

Chris R
Executive Member                 

The resources are relevant and engaging for students. This site has some very useful tools for relief teachers.

Alison D
Executive Member                 

I really enjoy reading the helpful tips and strategies along with the free online courses and resources. I visit the site about once a week.

Cathy K
Executive Member                 

What needs Improving

Navigating the website

This was a common comment throughout the survey. I've spent a lot of time trying to make it easier. I have made the log in automatic. As soon as you log in you will be sent straight the the FOYER for Free members and straight to the EXECUTIVE SUITE for Executive Members.

I have also added a better table of contents which contains a Site Map as well as Table of Contents by category.​

Someone commented in takes too many clicks to get anywhere. ​I will try to reduce the clicks. Sometimes you need to open a headline, read the precis and then navigate to the whole article. By using the table of contents you will able to CLICK STRAIGHT through to the place you are heading.

Standard Membership has G O N E !

I have also removed Standard Membership as an option. These will enable me to concentrate on getting more stuff for the Executive Suite. Existing Standard members will become Executive Members for the duration of their 12 months.

Executive Membership will be offered monthly, annually or for life.​

A more professional look.

Fair enough. My site is now 7 years old, so some of the older articles need updating. I have purchased a new theme and plug in from Thrive Themes. Hopefully the site is looking more professional without taking away from the practical aspects.


Apparently some of the product downloads have not gone so smoothly. Some computers have restrictions on what they let you download. Technology is wonderful - until it isn't. I can only suggest an email and I'll have it sorted in minutes.

More Free Stuff

Don't we all like FREE stuff.

I try to provide new FREE stuff each month for Executive Members including relief teaching ideas, resources, curriculum material or online courses. 

Teaching Strategies online Course.

This was requested a few time.

I am putting the final touches to the Powerful Questioning Techniques online course. Early enrolments are being accepted now.

Relief Teaching  ideas

​Many thanks to all who participated in the Survey. I hope you find the site easier to navigate, more professional with easier downloads.

relief teaching ideas winner

The Crossword Winners for the My Scramble Crossword Maker are below. I will be in touch with you shortly.

The Winners Are...

Susie O'Neill (Exec Member)

Saima A (Free Member)

Krista G (Exec Member)

Mary R (Exec Member)

​Melanie G (Standard Member)

​Your responses will improve our site.

Thank you.

Bob Brandis

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