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Bob Brandis

Testimonials about Executive Membership

Executive Membership Offers Heaps.

I joined because I needed support in my relief teaching. I am a mature aged new teacher. I recently upgraded to an Executive Member. Bob has really helped with ideas on how to manage students. His online courses are full of great hints. Executive Membership offers heaps of free resources. It's well worth joining.

Graham R ... Joined Oct 14 - Exec Member Jan 16

Executive Membership is Great Value

I became an Executive Member because it gives me the maximum access to all features of the site.

Before I was a member, I think I had become very set in my ways; having been a teacher for 35 years, I didn't bother to really think about relief teaching strategies and techniques. Reading Bob's numerous articles related to all aspects of relief teaching has made me look at my position with fresh eyes.

Executive Membership provides me with so many more options. I would recommend Executive Membership because it's great value.

Bob always gets back to me with a response to any enquiry that I have about relief teaching, no matter how minor. Thanks Bob!

Helen C ... Executive Member since March 15

Easy to Find and Easy to Download

I've been an Executive Member since October 2016. I visit the site often and usually spend 15 minutes or so each time.. I am very happy with my membership. It is easy to find what I'm looking for and easy to download the free resources. I like to visit the Executive Suite, the Online Courses and the Behaviour Management Sections.

Cheryl U ... Joined March 2015 Exec Member since Oct 2016

An Excellent Source

I am heading east in 2017 so will be looking for relief teaching jobs. I want to find out as much as possible before I go and is an excellent source of information.

Julia G ... Exec Member Nov16

Helps Accumulate Excellent Resources

I find membership of your site very helpful. I am a pre service teacher so I am accumulating some of your excellent resources for when I graduate. Many of my friends have commented on how good your site is. I found out about your site from other students doing my degree. I really enjoy reading your articles and have used your comments during my lectures. I would like some more written for pre service teachers.

Lisa F ... Member since March 2016

The Best Website

This is the best website I've found for relief teachers. Bob has been more than helpful. I love all the tips and ideas about relief teaching, because you can't get this in many other places.

Diana A ... Exec Member Oct 2016

The Resources Make Sense

The best thing about membership of is that Bob is responsive to feedback and the resources make sense. It's super helpful.

Mel G ... Member Since Sept 2012

Everything in the One Place

The best thing about is that everything is in the One Place. I normally visit the articles and check out the eshop. Thanks Big Bob!

Peter A ... Exec Member since Nov 2015

It's Great to be Able to Update Skills

I am very happy with my Executive Membership. I joined back in 2012 and signed up for Executive Membership mid 2016. The site meets all my needs. It is very easy to find what I am looking for and it is very easy to download the free resources. The best part is the online courses and being able to update my teaching skills. I pretty much visit all sections of the site at least once a week.

Sandy E ... Joined Oct 2013 Exec Member Aug 2016

Resources Galore for Members

Thanks Bob. I have been relief teaching for a while now. I just couldn't find support material for my job. I have been an executive member for nearly a year. Your site has just grown and grown. You have resources galore for members. I just downloaded the Walking With Dinosaurs kit that was just added to the Executive Suite. I love it. I used it with my grade 9 class and had them eating out of the palm of my hands. You really have gone to a lot of trouble putting all these resources together for relief teachers. Thank you.

Mary ... Executive Member since Aug 15

A Great Resource

I visit the site a couple of times a month. Executive Membership is a great resource for relief teachers. It's good to have information about relief teaching as opposed to classroom teaching because there isn't much on the internet.

Vanessa T ... Executive Member

Your Site is Unreal

Your site is unreal. I haven't done all your PD courses yet but I will. The free gear in the executive suite is very cool. I love the Scruzzles and the classes I take love them too. Thanks for the free set you sent me. My Executive Membership was well worth it. Thanks mate.

Jason ... Executive Member March 16

I Highly Recommend Becoming A Member

As a very busy CRT, I recently became a member of after looking for new ideas and tips to use in the classroom. I joined as a Standard Member which gave me access to information, literature and a lot of online courses that have been very helpful to me so far. There are many free resources and literature to read and these along with the very helpful online courses have allowed me to fulfil a lot of my VIT PD requirements. I am so impressed with the content and the way Bob Brandis responds to any of my questions via Email, that I have now upgraded to Executive Membership to access the Executive Suite which provides free online courses and software as well as free or discounted resources. I highly recommend becoming a member and taking advantage of all the great resources.

Cathy K ... Joined May 2015, Exec Member Aug 2016

Very Useful Tools for Relief Teachers

I am very happy with my Executive Membership. I visit often and spend at least 15 minutes on site at each visit. The pages load fast enough for me and it is really easy to download resources. The best part is that the material is relevant and engaging for students. There are plenty of very useful tools for relief teachers. Keep up the great service for relief teachers, Bob.

Alison D ... Long time Member. Executive Member since July 2016

Steven H.

Became an Executive Member in January 2016.

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