Relief Teaching MotivationMotivation is THE KEY in a student’s educational experience. Yet it barely rates a mention when the focus is on accountability, standards and tests, teacher quality and school management. Education reform could benefit from discussions about student motivation but it barely rates a mention. Students who are motivated by learning do better in school.

Students need to see learning as the pathway to something they value.

Motivation is about Building Relationships.

Motivating students is all about building relationships.

Schools need to focus on creating an environment where kids trust the adults and the people helping them.

Teachers need to be given the time they need to build student's trust.

Intrinsic motivation is the desire to achieve something because someone wants JUST wants to.

Extrinsic motivation is the desire to achieve because rewards are attached. (Yep! That's why I go to work)

There is the common belief amongst purists that students should move from rewards to intrinsic motivation.

Purists believe that intrinsic motivation is more ... well pure! I'm not sure I agree.

Whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic, teachers just need kids to be motivated.

Motivation often declines as students progress through school system

Many students who are disengaged from learning  are inattentive, exert little effort on school work, and report being bored in school.

I suspect that this disengagement is in direct proportion to the relationship difficulties between teachers and adolescent students.

Traditionally in education, the preferred option is for students to be passive learners, who accept conclusions and constructs that are handed to them by teachers.

However, student motivation increases when teachers take the time to engage students in open, honest and thought-provoking way.

Motivating students needs some understanding about why a student has become disengaged.

Programs that tailor support to individual student needs impact positively in student motivation.

Relationship is  the driver. The successful teacher is the one who builds a relationship with students.

I wonder why the school system does not value relationship building?

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