New Relief Teaching Activities – Start the Year with a Bang!

new relief teaching activities

New Relief Teaching Activities

Why is Relief Teaching Like Groundhog Day? OK.

Relief teaching is NOTHING like groundhog day

Although some of my relief teaching gigs felt like they COULD have been a groundhog day.)

Maybe I had better ask, "What do relief teaching, groundhog day and valentine day all have in common?" They all occur in the new year.

No. It is not a joke. They do!

Why do Australian kids need to know about groundhog day? Truth is --> they don't? That is probably why this is a such

one of the great new relief teaching activities offered here.

Don't get me wrong here. The curriculum is important but so too is a good general knowledge.

Do you know how the month of February became included in the calendar?

Which country calls February the "Month of the Pearl"?

And why?

Do you know why the German settlers in America started groundhog day?

Do you know how Valentine Day started?

Why flowers are given out?

In which country do women give chocolate to MEN?

My goodness! How can anyone survive a social outing without knowing these facts?

I will have to admit general knowledge will not get kids through NAPLAN but don't write these new relief teaching activities off just yet.

Relief Teaching is not ONLY about NAPLAN.

These activities have reading and mathematics skills ATTACHED. I have even thrown in a mapping activity. So you have the curriculum "thing" covered. 

In the student activity booklet, there are heaps of reading and maths activities about February, Valentines Day, Groundhog Day and Australia's international visitors.

Each of these activities are connected by the month of February. It is like a connecting link to learning.

There are reading activities, crosswords, word placement, graphing, listening challenges.

You know kids love learning new stuff. Interesting new stuff. And interesting new stuff is just right for relief teaching.

You won't be sacked if you use these relief teaching activities in March but these are designed for relief teaching gigs in February. The activities are designed for year 5 - 8 but you could use them in year 4 and maybe in remedial year 9 if there is still such a thing.

new relief teaching activities

These are relief teaching resources you could keep and use every year... around January and February would be a good time. It is early in the year and YOU NEED to get your resources READY.

Go For IT! These new relief teaching activities are available FREE in the Executive Suite for Executive Members.

Would you Like to Find Out about Membership?

Or you can purchase these from the eShop.

new relief teaching activities

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