Free Curriculum Resources - For Executive Members

Spelling Demons

There are hundreds of spelling demons that have caused problems for students. These activities will help students master the demons. 

Scruzzles Book 1

This wonderful book of Scruzzles will have your students crying out for more. Who would have thought that learning to use graphophonic skills could be so much fun?

Scruzzle Occupations

Scruzzle Occupations.

These are themed puzzles. All 6 letter words - 5 words per puzzle. All occupations.

A great themed resources for your classroom.

Relief Teaching Pay and Conditions - in Australia

This is the most comprehensive compilation of the pay scales and the working conditions for relief teachers in Australia ever produced. 

My Crossword Maker

My Crossword Maker will produce a range of crossword activities. Check for support

How To Lead a Winning Team

You can be part of the pack or LEAD the pack. There is nothing wrong with either, but if you want to stand out the front you need the skills to Lead the Winning Team.

31 Ways to Use Catalogues

Relief Teaching in Mathematics

Shopping Catalogues are the CHEAPEST and BEST way to put the CRUNCH back into your mathematics lessons. Try these 31 Ways to Use Shopping Catalogues in your Classroom.

Difficult Students Action Plan

Relief Teaching in Mathematics

The Difficult Students ACTION PLAN. This is part of the procedure in Dealing with Difficult Students.

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Discover the World of Pinterest

Relief Teaching in Mathematics

Pinterest is an exciting opportunity to explore a multitude of teaching resources. 

Search for any term you wish or visit the Pinterest Site.

This ebook will show you how to be a user or a producer.


Relief Teaching free resources

Pinterest is an exciting opportunity to explore a multitude of teaching resources. 

Search for any term you wish or visit the Pinterest Site.

This ebook will show you how to be a user or a producer.

Bring THINKING back to Your Classroom

Using Quotation Marks

Relief Teaching Quotation Marks

Develop Student Literacy with this self paced 45 minutes on Quotation Marks.

The module includes self corrected practice excercises

7 Successful Habits for Teachers

Relief Teaching in Mathematics

The title says it all.

If you want to be a successful teacher, you need to have the same habits as those who have proven themselves.

The Christmas Bonus Pack

Advanced Colouring Megapack

relief teaching colouring activities

The most intricate and comprehensive templates for advanced colouring. 

The Wild Discovery Colouring Pack

Students will be totally fascinated with the life like nature of these colouring activities representing studies of animals and landscapes in precision reality. 

Big Book of Colouring

A massive 296 pages of colouring templates and images. Enough colouring blackline masters for the whole school year.

31 Delicious Coffee Recipes

Relief Teaching free resources

Coffee should NEVER be just coffee. 

The Succesful Exploration of Australia

Relief Teaching and Coffee

This is one book you will not be able to put down until you have finished it. 

Is Misbehaviour Spoiling Your Day?

Towns and Cities of NSW

Relief Teaching free resources

A Powerful Learning Activity for Students.

One Powerful Teaching Kit

One of the most successful units of work for any relief teacher.

Battle at Kruger Park

A Killer Teaching Unit - Literally.

Activities to Start The Year

relief teaching free resources

Perfect for any of your relief teaching gigs early in the year.

Number Challenger

Number Facts Challenger

Number facts are essential to every student in every classroom. This is a POWER multi media resource you should use in every relief teaching gig.

Resources to Inspire Students

relief teaching free resources

This 56 page eBook is a free executive resource to inspire students with a selection of the world's most inspiring stories to move body and soul.

Poems to Inspire Students

relief teaching free resources

The most inspiring poetry resource for teachers. Perfect for relief teaching gigs. 

Mathematics Crosswords

relief teaching free resources

Mathematics Crosswords. Now THAT is worth looking at.

How to Talk About Sensitive Issues

relief teaching free resources

A touchy subject for relief teachers. Learn how to deal with sensitive issues in your classroom.

Preschool - Everything for Learning Drills

relief teaching free resources

Everything for Learning. Drills and Learning Activities for preschool students. 113 pages.

Let's Get Organized

relief teaching free resources

There comes a point when you must say, "Enough! I need to get organized now if it kills me!"

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