Peer Tutoring – A powerful teaching tool


It never fails to amaze me how powerful peer tutoring can be in a classroom. I was working in a classroom today, teaching a percentage concept to a group of year 6 & 7 students. Two kids were having trouble and try as I might I couldn't get the concept through. I had exhausted my repertoire.So I called on two of my most capable students who clearly had mastered the concept, gave them each one of the students and sent them to the blackboard. They were going to be the teacher while I continued with the rest of the class.

It only took a few minutes for the concept to be mastered. The kids rejoined the class and rejoined the lesson.

Peer tutoring deepens the understanding of the tutor and enhances the skills of the student. It also develops a tremendous caring attitude in the class. That sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Try it and let me know how it works out.

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