Relief Teacher Pay Queensland

The table below contains the most up to date information available on relief teaching pay within Australian States and Territories. 

Relief Teaching in Australia - Pay and Conditions

Relief Teaching Pay and Conditions

This is the most comprehensive compilation of pay scales, award positions and working conditions for relief teachers in Australia ever produced. Don't take on relief teaching positions without knowing the conditions under which you work.

Relief Teaching Pay and Conditions

Queensland Relief Teacher Pay Details

Updated March 2016.

The relief teaching pay rates are based on an hourly rate of $72.96 per hour with a daily rate of $364.82. (Updated March 2016).

There is only ONE relief teaching rate for Queensland, irrespective of experience.

This rate is the equivalent to Band 3 Step 1 classification level. Usually relief teachers will be paid within a fortnight, but it could be earlier depending on the day worked in relation to the pay cycle. Paydays are every second Wednesday.

 Relief Teaching Pay slips

TRACER replacement teachers will join other departmental staff in receiving their pay advice electronically to their personal email address.

Replacement teachers with a TRACER account can simply update their personal email address on the Contact Details tab under the Teacher Management menu.

If you do not have a TRACER account, you will need to contact your Payroll Services Centre for further information on updating your personal details.

Minimum Periods of Relief Teaching Engagement

Relief teachers are able to be engaged in accordance with clause 4.1.4(g) of the certified agreement as follows: 'The minimum period of engagement of supply A (casual) teachers shall be two hours of rostered duty time provided that no more than one engagement shall be permitted at one school on the same day.'

Relief Teachers and Playground duty.

Relief teachers are not required to undertake any bus duty.  You can be directed by the school to perform playground duty (even if the teacher you are replacing is not scheduled to do so) provided you are still given your lunch time entitlement.

However if you are engaged for less than a school day, you are not required to attend to lunchtime playground duty following the end of the period of a morning engagement, or prior to commencement of duty for an afternoon engagement.

Current Queensland Teacher Pay Rates

Other Work Conditions

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Relief Teaching in Queensland


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