Relief Teaching Pay – WA

Relief Teaching Pay WA.

Relief Teaching Pay WA

Western Australia Fast Facts

Western Australia is a large expansive state. The state is made up primarily of arid outback terrain.

Western Australia's population is concentrated in its southwest corner where the land is fertile.

Popular tourist locations include the wine regions of Margaret River which also contain the states most popular surfing spots.

The capital of Western Australia is Perth which is known for its abundant parkland, beaches and snorkelling sites.

The Swan River traverses the city. Fremantle is a port city which is noted for its 19th-century architecture.

Area: 2.646 million square kilometres

Population; 2.589 million (Sept 2014)​

Capital City: Perth.

Key Destinations Western Australia

relief teaching pay wa
relief teaching pay wa

Relief Teaching Pay - WA

Western Australian relief teaching pay for those teachers who work less than 5 consecutive days will be at a daily rate of $413.00

Half daily rate at $206.50 (Updated January 2015)

Relief teaching pay for those employed for more than five consecutive working days shall be paid for the period at the rate of salary appropriate to their qualifications and experience on a weekly basis of annual salary divided by forty or a daily basis of annual salary divided by two hundred.

You are a graduate teacher for the first two years that you teach.

A four-year trained teacher starts on salary Level 2.1 and progress to Level 2.2 after 12 months of satisfactory service.

You are also eligible for a Graduate Allowance of up to $1600 a year for your first two years.

This allowance assists you with personal and professional costs in establishing yourself as a teacher.After two years of satisfactory teaching service, you progress to teacher Level 2.3.

Your work experiences and previous qualifications may be taken into account when determining your starting salary.

Each application to start above the graduate salary on a case-by-case basis.

Relief Teaching in Australia - Pay and Conditions

Relief Teacher Pay Rates and Conditions

This is the most comprehensive compilation of relief teacher pay rates, pay scales, award positions and working conditions for relief teachers in Australia ever produced.

Don't take on relief teaching positions without knowing the conditions under which you work.

Relief Teaching Pay and Conditions

75 pages of information about the most up to date information about Relief Teacher Pay Rates and working conditions in Australia.


Annual Salary







Teachers performing satisfactory teaching service receive an annual increment each year until they reach Level 2.9 - $95,459

If you are an experienced teacher, your relief teaching pay is according to the number of years you have been teaching.

Relief Teacher Pay Rates by State

Select the State of Territory below to find more details about Relief Teacher Pay Rates.

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