Relief Teacher Pay and Conditions in Australia

This represents the most recent data on relief teacher pay rates. It is in your best interest to find out exactly what you should be earning and under which conditions you should be working in your relief teaching gigs.

Relief Teacher Pay

Relief Teacher Pay Current Rates

Relief Teacher Pay

Relief Teacher Pay Rates and Work Conditions by State

To find more specific information about current Relief Teacher Pay Rates and Work Conditions, refer to each State of Australia

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Relief Teacher Pay in Australia

Each Australian State and Territory differ in how they pay casual and relief teachers.

  • Some states pay a daily rate and some states pay by the hour.
  • Some states (like Queensland and Victoria) pay a set rate for relief teacher pay;regardless of experience.
  • Some states pay a rate for relief teacher pay based on experience and qualifications.

Relief teacher pay and working conditions in Australia are the result of enterprising bargaining within each state. As a consequence, this varies greatly between each state.

Relief Teacher Working Conditions

Relief Teachers work under state enterprise agreements with different pay and working conditions.

There are a range of different working conditions applied to all relief teaching situations from contract, temporary, short-term and long-term.

Few people will tell you all the aspects of your working conditions. Consequently it is important that YOU know details of the specific working situations under which you accept relief teaching positions.

Not knowing your working conditions jeopardizes your personal safety and makes you more vulnerable to litigation.

Knowing the working conditions allows you to be aware should a crisis develop.

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