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CRT Working ConditionsCasual and Relief Teacher working conditions vary across this great country.

Education is a state responsibility under the administration of various state government.

This creates the unfortunate situation of having different CRT working conditions.

There are different pay scales, duty responsibilities, Non Contact arrangements. You need to be aware of the working conditions applied to you.

CRT Working Conditions


I received the following query from Claude about the CRT Working Conditions under which he works.

Hi there

I am a casual relief teacher with max. teaching experience teaching in a NSW Independent school.

Am I required to do an after-school 35 min. Bus Duty if I have not been listed for playground duties during the day?

If it is the normal after-school duty of the teacher that I am replacing that day, am I still required to do that after-school Bus duty?

Thank you


Hi Claude,

I am pretty certain that relief teachers are specifically excluded from doing bus duty after school in most states.

It’s a tough ask because bus duty is specifically the responsibility of full time teachers or paid school staff.

Bus duty is actually mentioned in the Education regulations for teachers although unions have a different take on this issue.

You should be aware of all your CRT Working Conditions but they are often difficult to track down. They are seldom in one place and almost never in the same document.

I have attempted to track down the most current CRT Working Conditions and have put a page together of my finds.

This covers most states of Australia but is a continual work in progress so will be updated with the changes made to CRT working conditions as often as possible.


I reckon the school is taking advantage of your situation. How you tackle that is a critical issue if you want to be asked back.

Good luck


CRT Working Conditions

CLICK HERE to find the CRT working Conditions relevant to you.

Check out the Article about Relief Teaching Across Australia to find the current CRT working conditions, employment rules and regulations for each state.

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