CRT Working Conditions

CRT Working Conditions

CRT Working ConditionsCRT Working Conditions vary from state to state but one thing that is consistent is the Australian Professional Standard for Teachers. This drives all qualifications, professional development and learning.

Unfortunately, there are inconsistencies with a lot of the working conditions applied for casual and relief teaching positions. There is also a wide variation applied to private schools. As far as possible the CRT Working Conditions shown in the following documents represent the most current available. Where the source document is available on-line, it will be referenced within the page.

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 ACT CRT Working Conditions

CRT Working Conditions ACT

 Playground Duty.

 Relief teachers are only be required to do the playground duty of the teacher they are replacing. This should be in accordance with a publicly displayed playground duty roster. Variations to this, ie mutually agreed swaps, should be arranged in writing and noted on the roster prior to the engagement of the relief teacher.

Access to Resources:

Relief teachers should have adequate access to the resources of the school which they require in order to carry out their job.

 Policies and Procedures:

Relief teachers should have access to the school’s relevant policies and procedures on arrival at the school, in particular the schools Behaviour Management Policy. The relevant staff should provide initial and ongoing support to relief teachers while they are employed at the school.

Provision of Release Time:

Relief teachers should receive the same entitlement as other teachers in that sector .  Where a relief teacher is replacing another teacher for one day they should receive half an hour release time if that teacher was due to have release time on that day.

If a relief teacher is employed for a week or in lots of a week they should receive the full entitlement of release from face-to-face teaching given to other teachers in that sector.

When employed for a period of 2 to 4 days, relief teachers should be granted release time on the basis that they receive prorata release time.

Relief teachers in the secondary sector will be entitled to release time on the same basis as primary teachers except that the words “half an hour” be replaced with the words “one period”.

Duties outside school hours

Casual relief teachers will not be expected to perform duties outside the hours of the ordinary program of the school at which they are employed

Cancellation of service

A rate equivalent to 3 hours pay will be payable to casual relief teachers who are advised that their services are not required after a firm booking unless notice is given twenty-four hours prior.

What is the minimum period of employment?

The minimum period of engagement of casual relief teachers shall be two hours of rostered duty time provided that no more than one engagement shall be permitted at one school on the same day.

CRT and bus duty?

Replacement teachers are not required to attend to before or after school bus duty.


QLD CRT Working Conditions



Morning tea and lunch breaks?

Morning tea breaks are included as paid meal breaks and therefore are part of rostered duty time (teaching time).

Lunch breaks are not paid breaks.  You are entitled to a minimum of 45 minutes uninterrupted break each day.

Playground duty?

You can be directed by the school to do playground duty (even if the teacher you are replacing is not scheduled to do so) provided you are still given your lunch time entitlement.

However if you are engaged for less than a school day, you are not required to attend to lunchtime playground duty following the end of the period of a morning engagement, or prior to commencement of duty for an afternoon engagement.

Specified Sites allowance?

A specified sites allowance (SSA) is paid to teachers working in specified Special Education Facilities or specified schools serving indigenous communities.

The additional rate paid to replacement teachers working in a specified site is $0.7749 per hour.

Tasmania CRT Working Conditions




A relief teacher shall be paid at a daily rate for days actually worked in accordance with the  formula: Daily rate = pay scale salary rate/200 where the appropriate salary is determined in accordance with experience and qualifications as for full time teachers.

CRT Supervisory Duties

Relief teachers may be required to undertake duties such as playground duty if it is part of the normal duties of the teacher being replaced.  When calculating the daily rate for supervisory duty, the salary level used shall not exceed that of Senior Classroom Teacher.

Minimum Engagement

PROVIDED that a relief teacher shall for each engagement be employed for a minimum of one half-day (1/400 pay scale salary rate in paragraph

NSW CRT Working Conditions


Release Time

TRS teachers in primary schools accrue 24 minutes Release From Face to face entitlement for each day worked on classroom teaching duties or the equivalent of two hours per week. TRS teachers are to be granted their RFF entitlement from the entitlement for the absent classroom teacher.


All TRS teachers have the same leave entitlements and conditions as other temporary or permanent teachers.

Teaching Load

TRS temporary teachers may not be assigned a teaching load and other duties which would exceed those of a substantive classroom teacher.

Other Duties

If the teacher is not required for relief in the participating school they may be allocated to other teaching duties or placed in another school seeking short-term relief. The TRS teacher may not be assigned a teaching load and other duties which would exceed those of a substantive classroom teacher.

WA CRT Working Conditions


The engagement of a relief teacher shall be by the day or half day and where the period
exceeds five consecutive days the notice shall be one day. Where the employment is for
five consecutive days or less the engagement shall be considered to be a specific period
and notice shall not be required.


Relief teachers
(a) Relief Teachers employed for five consecutive working days or less shall be paid $413 per day (effective 8/12/13) source

Relief Teaching Pay

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