Relief Teaching Pay and Conditions in NSW

This represents the most recent data on relief teaching pay rates. It is in your best interest to find out exactly what you should be earning and under which conditions you should be working in your relief teaching gigs.

Relief Teaching Pay NSW

Relief Teaching Pay and Work Conditions NSW

To find more detailed information about current Relief Teaching Pay Rates and Work Conditions in NSW refer to Relief Teaching in Australia - Pay and Conditions

Relief Teaching Pay in NSW

Each Australian State and Territory differ in how they pay casual and relief teachers.

  • Some states pay a daily rate and some states pay by the hour.
  • Some states (like Queensland and Victoria) pay a set rate for relief teacher pay;regardless of experience.
  • Some states pay a rate for relief teacher pay based on experience and qualifications.

Most teachers in NSW begin their teaching career as relief teachers. Relief teaching pay is determined on a day-to-day basis. Relief teachers are called to replace permanent teachers who are absent or participating in other activities.

Relief teacher pay in NSW is paid at a daily rate, based on years of training and experience, which is loaded to include a component for sick leave and vacation pay.

When relief teaching, pay is based on being employed full-time for four weeks to a year or part-time for two terms or more. Relief teaching pay is similar to most of the entitlements of permanent teachers, including annual salary, on a pro-rata basis.

Relief teachers are also employed to fill incidental teacher vacancies as they arise at a school. These cn be preparation days, professional development activities and special projects.

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Relief Teacher Working Conditions NSW


The daily hours of engagement for a casual teacher, is based on a six and one half hour day, including a 30-minute break during those hours. The minimum daily engagement for casual teachers is two hours.

Relieving Duty  

Where a casual teacher reports to a school for duty on any day on the basis of a request by an authorised officer and is then advised that their services are not required, the casual teacher is entitled to receive payment for one half of one day’s pay at the appropriate rate.


Where a casual teacher relieves a teacher, who has been timetabled to teach Years 11 and 12, the time off can be taken either at the beginning or end of the six and one half hour period of daily engagement of the casual teacher. 


The rates of pay of casual teachers are loaded by 5 per cent to be inclusive of the following incidents of employment: sick leave, family and community service leave, special leave and leave loading.  Entitlements for Bereavement, Maternity, Parental and Personal Carer’s Entitlements or its successor, are not affected.

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