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A relief teacher shall be paid at a daily rate for days actually worked in accordance with the  formula: Daily rate = pay scale salary rate/200 where the appropriate salary is determined in accordance with experience and qualifications as for full time teachers.

Relief Teacher Supervisory Duties

Relief teachers may be required to undertake duties such as playground duty if it is part of the normal duties of the teacher being replaced.  When calculating the daily rate for supervisory duty, the salary level used shall not exceed that of Senior Classroom Teacher.

Relief Teacher Minimum Engagement

PROVIDED that a relief teacher shall for each engagement be employed for a minimum of one half-day (1/400 pay scale salary rate in paragraph

 To be eligible to obtain employment as a relief teacher, a person must:

  • be registered as a teacher in Tasmania with the Teachers Registration Board.
  • Mutual recognition may apply for teachers who are currently registered in other States or Territories.

Relief Teacher Registration

  • The Teachers Registration Board is an independent statutory authority separate from any educational authority.
  • Any enquiries in relation to teacher registration should be directed to the Teachers Registration Board.
  • The Board can be contacted by e-mail at or by telephone on (03) 6165 5977.
  • Information and assistance can also be obtained from the Teachers Registration Board website at: • first satisfy a departmental Good Character Check. This is in addition to any checks undertaken by the Teachers Registration Board. A satisfactory departmental Good Character Check must be obtained prior to appointment and commencement of duties within DoE schools and this good character clearance may take more than a week to process.

Relief Teacher Pay - Tasmania

Tasmania produces an excellent Relief Teachers Information Booklet which sets out all relief teaching pay and conditions. These conditions of employment correspond with Award  entitlements and departmental policy, and are stated as part  of an agreement between the AEU and the Department.

Relief Teacher pay in Tasmania is for work undertaken from the time of arrival.Lunch breaks - as with all other employees a relief  teacher is entitled to an unpaid minimum of 1/2 hour  lunch (maximum 1 hour) between the hours of 12.00 and  2.00pm.Recess breaks form part of normal paid hours.

Subject to their actual arrival time relief  teaching pay commences from half an hour before  the start of the first lesson of the day.This  commencement time may vary from school to school. This is an award requirement.

A relief teaching pay is based on the full day rate of pay after five hours employment.However, the school can require  the relief teacher to remain at the school for up to seven  hours.The relief teacher can expect to be given sufficient  notice of this requirement either by phone or on arrival.

Relief Teacher Employment Conditions in Tasmania

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