Relief Teaching and QCT Requirements

ALT KEY WORDSAll fully registered teachers who have recency of practice, regardless of their employment situation, will need to meet continuing professional development (CPD) and ‘suitability to teach’ requirements in order to renew their registration in Queensland.

For renewal purposes, teachers involved in supply and relief work or short term contracts have a responsibility to maintain records of their employment/hours of teaching practice and CPD. These records will need to be supported by Statements of Service from the range of employers, if requested by QCT on audit.
CPD may be recorded in a format that meets QCT requirements and best suits the individual teacher. The minimum amount of CPD required is determined by the number of teaching days/hours within the given year
Teachers are encouraged to be proactive in:
  •        building relationships with the range of schools with which they work
  •        knowing who in these schools coordinates school based professional development opportunities
  •        knowing how to access information about professional development opportunities
  •        seeking opportunities to join in appropriate school based activities.
An optional recording tool, developed by the QCT, is available on the QCT website. Evidence should be verified by the provider at the time the CPD is undertaken. At the time of renewal, teachers will be asked by QCT whether they have met the CPD requirements according to the number of days/hours of teaching undertaken.
Teacher records must be supported by evidence of both the amount of teaching undertaken and CPD completed.
It is the responsibility of each teacher to retain his/her CPD records and evidence for 12 months following the renewal of their registration.
More information for supply and relief teachers is available on the QCT website
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