Relief Teaching and QCT Registration

The Qld College of Teachers (QCT) has an expectation that relief teachers will participate in Continued Professional Development (CPD) to maintain their teacher registration.

Your can find the full details in the Article Bank (No 33) but essentially Queensland relief teachers are required to participate in CPD at the minimum following rate.

Under 40 days relief teaching per year - NIL
40 - 79 days relief teaching per year - 10 hours of CPD
80 - 119 days relief teaching per year - 15 hours of CPD
120 - 159 days relief teaching  per year - 20 hours of CPD
160 - 199 days relief teaching per year - 25 hours of CPD
200 days or more - 30 hours of CPD

You can include time spent on reading and researching in your CPD portfolio.

See Article 33 in the Article Bank for full details.

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