Why You Must Use Signature Stickers

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Signature Stickers - A Resource You Can't Do Without.

We know kids rise to the occasion when they are rewarded. Stickers are the easiest way to do that. It is just amazing how kids value your praise. It is also important that kids know their efforts are appreciated by their teacher. You know what they say about vinegar and honey?

You will catch more flies with honey that with vinegar.

What makes Signature Stickers so significant is that YOUR name and YOUR message is the main feature of the reward.

I know kids who count stars, compare stickers, even cut their stickers from their books at the end of the year and keep them in a scrap-book.

Signature Stickers Work!

Stickers do count AND they do make a difference.

Honestly, STARS! REALLY? You surely are not using stars still.

Kids (and teachers) have moved past the star on the work reward.

Signature Stickers offer a bright, colourful and PERSONALISED array of stickers to suit all occasions.

And Leonie at Signature Stickers knows exactly what you need. She is a relief teacher too.

The best thing a relief teacher can do is to establish a presence in a school, and placing your name right in front of kids in their workbooks is a GREAT way to do it.

Leonie has a huge range of stickers from which to choose.

Signature Stickers has a HUGE range.

Signature Stickers has a wide range of stickers in a wide range of areas. There is a great general range which can be used for all type of classroom behaviour that should be rewarded. Hand out a few of these in your class and just watch the positive behaviours improve.

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Leonie also stocks a huge range of subject specific sets from Maths,

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... to writing

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to Reading, Spelling, Talking, Listening, Arts, Science, Religious, just about everything you could possibly need. Far too many to show you here.

You Have to Check out Signature Stickers!

Leonie has been a great supporter of reliefteaching.com almost since we started and is one of the main reasons this site is still operating and going strong.

If you want to spend your money wisely (and who doesn't) and invest in a classroom resource that will pay dividends, then check out Signature Stickers and thank Leonie for supporting reliefteaching.com

Either VISIT HER WEBSITE or Give Leonie a Call (her direct number is on the website) to discuss your specific needs, personally.

Honestly, I have no idea why teachers waste their money on stickers than lack meaning.

Give your rewards some credibility with your students by making them meaningful.

I am sure Signature Stickers will put a smile on your kids' faces.

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