Sure Fire Relief Teaching Hacks that add Power to Your Day.

Relief Teaching Hacks make your life Easier.

Teaching hacks are strategies, ideas, approaches or hints which can be applied to most relief teaching classrooms and work with most students.

They have been tried in one form or other and have worked for some teachers at some time or other.

But ... can not build a sold relief teaching classroom on relief teaching hacks alone. You need     Executive Support   

Some of these relief teaching hacks are gimicky. That doesn't make them any less effective. It just means that if you over use the them, the teaching hack will usually be less powerful.

I suggest, trying these teaching hacks a few times. If a particular teaching hack doesn't work, put it away for use on another day, in another situation or with other students.

Why should you ask all the questions?

Make the students ask questions about a topic of study to their partner and develop a response to their answer provided.

This teaching hack goes like this. If you are studying the solar system ask the class to take turns and ask their partner one question about the planets. Write down the question and their answer. This keeps students engage and actively learning and makes your life easier.

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Timer Tools

Keep a timer handy in your classroom and within the sight of students and yourself.

If you want students to work for a certain time, keep a stop watch handy so students can see the time counting down. This keeps students more focused and speeds up the slower workers. The student who finish early will usually sit quietly watching the clock count down.

You can download loads of free timers online. Type timer google into your search bar to bring up googles automatic desktop timer.

The Hands Have It

It might surprise you, but body language experts class body language is innately understood - even by children.

Body language experts will tell you that when your hands are forward and your palms are exposed, you are honest, open and know what you are talking about.

Try it and see if it makes a difference while delivering a lesson.

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 Teaching Hacks and Straw Construction  

Drinking Straws are the cheapest construction materials ever.

And the versatility of drinking straws makes them suitable for all classrooms. 

You can purchase drinking straws from most cheapie stores for next to nothing. And they can be re-used.

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You can set

  • construction tasks (build a cube, pyramid)
  • construction goals (tallest tower, strongest platform
  • Limited construction (keep 5 standing on on 3 points)

You can buy 100 on ebay for $3.49 including postage. CLICK HERE for more. Keep them in your bag of tricks.

 Power Writing   

Power Writing is a quick and easy lesson and can be used to fill in a spare 10 - 15 minutes.

And the versatility of the teaching hacks is that it can be used for all student ages, takes minimum preparation and keeps students engaged. 

And the versatility of the teaching hacks is that it can be used for all student ages, takes minimum preparation and keeps students engaged. 

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Relief Teaching hacks to make your teaching life easier.

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