Relief Teaching NSW Conditions

ALT KEY WORDSMost teachers in NSW begin their teaching career as relief teachers. Those who are relief teaching are employed on a day-to-day basis replacing permanent teachers who are absent or participating in other activities.

Relief teachers are paid a daily rate, based on years of training and experience, which is loaded to include a component for sick leave and vacation pay.

In 2012, a four-year trained teacher earns between $301 and $347 per day depending on experience.

When relief teaching you are employed full-time for four weeks to a year or part-time for two terms or more. Relief teachers receive most of the entitlements of permanent teachers, including annual salary, on a pro-rata basis.

In NSW, relief teaching involves

  • knowing your lesson content well 
  • preparing lessons; 
  • providing homework where appropriate and follow-up the homework; 
  • participating in whole school activities; 
  • performing any rostered playground duty; and 
  • contributing to school or faculty activities, special events, excursions or meetings. 

Benefits of relief teaching in NSW

Casual and temporary employment provides valuable experience for teachers

  • just starting out, 
  • seeking variety and new experiences in their careers, 
  • wanting flexibility in order to balance work and family responsibilities, 
  • awaiting permanent appointment, 

Relief teachers could gain an offer of permanent employment more quickly through the Teacher Employment Priority Scheme (TEPS).

TEPS enables you to enhance your priority date for permanent employment.

Depending on the schools in which you work, your priority date for permanent employment may be enhanced by up to 18 months for every 50 days of relief teaching service in NSW public schools.

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