Relief Teaching Resources

Relief Teaching Resources

Relief Teaching Resources - FREE = Worth A Look!

When it comes to relief teaching resources, I have to say I am a TIGHT WAD!  I hate spending money on my relief teaching resources because there is so much junk around and my hard-earned money is valuable to me. But free relief teaching resources - well that is another story.

I bought the Making Math Fun series from Teresa Evans. I have written about this before but what I didn't make clear was all the free stuff that comes and comes and keeps on coming.

And I have one here for you right now.

Teresa really excels in OVER providing free resources to those who purchase her Making Math Fun series.

There are heaps of options from which to choose. But buying the set isn't the end.

Teresa provides free resources on a regular basis to her subscribers but every couple of months she provides a fabulous ebook of classroom activities full of relief teaching resources which can be used directly into the classroom. This is one of those ebooks.

She has given me permission to share this wonderful resource to members for free.

It is suitable for primary students and most suited for middle to low ability upper primary school students.

You can take the activities and implement them straight into any class.

This relief teaching resource does require some photocopying - but if you are an astute relief teacher, you will collect the sheets from the class before you leave and re-use the sheets at your next relief teaching gig.

The best part about this resource, apart from being totally FREE, is that it is digital.

What Makes Relief Teaching Resources GOOD?

  • It's FREE
  • you can get it straight away,
  • you can display the file and the sheets on a data projector,
  • you can use the activity as a template to develop another one,
  • you can personalise the activity to any class.

Check out the activities that are in this 38 page ebook. MMF Index   This resource is available for Members in the Members section. Download the resource from there whenever you desire. In fact you can get heaps of FREE relief teaching resources from the Members Area. Not a member yet?

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FREE Relief Teaching Resources

There are heaps of FREE relief teaching resources from which to choose in the members section including my favourite - The Art of Positive Thinking.

Relief Teaching Free Resources

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