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Improve your teaching performance and your classroom experience.

Managing Student Behaviour when Relief Teaching

The online behaviour management course specifically for Relief Teaching.

1000+ teachers can't be wrong.

"This is the best behaviour management course for relief teaching  I have ever done" (Serena Oct 2015)

This was a really valuable course. I have learned so many new relief teaching strategies regarding behaviour management. Thanks Bob! (Katy. Aug 2016)

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Managing Student Behaviour

Check out the wide range of BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT online courses available to support while relief teaching in Australia. Sign up for FREE online course specifically designed for relief teaching. Read testimonials of relief teachers who have participated in the online relief teaching training.

PLUS - Gain PD credits required for teacher registration.

About the Author

relief teaching bob

Bob Brandis

Bob is a veteran of the classroom. He joined the teaching ranks in 1973 and has been a principal since 1979. His experience stretches to both primary and secondary schools, small, big, city and country schools. Bob is now semi retired, relief teaching, running curriculum and behaviour management courses and building educational software for classroom teachers.

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