Teaching Resources to Support All Learners

Teaching Resources Reading GamesYou might start with all the best intentions at your relief teaching gig but if your teaching resources falter, so do you.

So what resources guarantee success?

Honestly, my legal department stops me from saying I can guarantee success for obvious reasons.

But I can share with you these teaching resources that will give you the best chance of success.

Teaching Resources Can Make or Break You

There are two things you must establish for all your relief teaching gigs.

1. You are going to value add to your kid's day. At the end of your relief teaching gig, every kid in your class should benefit from having you as their relief teacher.

2. Your kids are going to undertake genuine, authentic and real curriculum activities - not just waste time.

Teaching Resources that Waste Time

Let me define teaching resources that waste time.

  1. Teaching resources that don't have a clear goal.
  2. Teaching resources that don't improve student skills or knowledge.

So what teaching resources are you going to employ.

The ideal situation would be to use teaching resources that MAKE SURE KIDS LEARN and ARE FUN.

"Yeah right!" you might be saying while shaking your head?

It's impossible to find such teaching resources, you might be saying.

Okay. I understand your reluctance to jump in.

But you must check this resource out.

The teaching strategies I focus on when relief teaching relate to numeracy and literacy. Clearly these are the curriculum areas that relate to all year levels, all schools and all kids. You can build extended or remediation teaching strategies enabling you to cater for all student abilities.

Let me show you a resource which I believe hits ticks all the boxes.

This is one of Teresa Evans' teaching resources (not mine unfortunately). Anyone who is familiar with Teresa's gear will know how well she OVER delivers. Not only do you pick up quality teaching resources at a very reasonable price, Teresa sends you free teaching resources every now and then. Did you pick up the keep words there? FREE TEACHING RESOURCES.

Now Teresa calls these Rainbow Games. Games is probably a misnomer because these are great teaching resources which can be used as a teaching activity for the whole class, used as a focus of learning centres or small group activities.

Teaching Strategies Ticks

teaching resources

These teaching strategies tick my two key boxes.

The activities

  • improve reading strategies and
  • are fun for kids.

Now Teresa offers you a great chance to have a good look at these resources before you buy. That way you can be perfectly secure in knowing the resources meet your needs. However Teresa offers a 100% no questions asked refund policy FOR 60 DAYS. That means you can try the resources in your classroom and, if you are not 100% happy, get your money back. I purchase a lot of resources from Teresa and I have never been disappointed.

Teresa is a good supporter of reliefteaching.com and has offered us free resources for our GOLD PAGE.

These teaching strategies support Reading. Good quality reading activities. If you're like me you would have looked for these resources for some time. These are great.

They suit all primary grades and the beauty for relief teaching is that you can use them from year 1 through to 7.

teaching resources but

If you think that is great, Teresa gives you a template you can use to develop your own activity. That's right! You can use the templates to personal the activities to the class.

Check this activity out. Better still. Use it in your next class. I stock pile my 5 cent pieces to use with this type of activity. I know Teresa says this activity is for 2 players, but I have used this with 4 players. It is quicker but I rotated players so that each game was different.

The beauty of this is the bigger kids, for whom reading is a battle, love the challenge and the competition.



teaching resources animal word maker

Teaching Resources for ALL Kids


This kit contains basic reading skills right up to the advanced reading skills. One resource that caters for all primary grades.

There are hundreds and hundreds of reading activities in this kit.


Teaching resources Rainbow Reading Games Sample


So What is in each of the Rainbow Reading Ebooks?

Teaching resources - Resources for Teachers


Rainbow Board Games

This book contains 57 colorful, printable board games that practice identifying initial sounds and letters, CVC words, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, magic e words, vowel digraphs, high frequency words, rhyming and more. It also includes game board templates so that you can make your own board games.


Teaching  Resources for Teachers

Rainbow Bingo Games

This ebook includes 18 printable Bingo games. Each set includes, 8 Bingo cards, callers cards and also a callers sheet to record what is called. The games include identifying the initial sound in words, recognizing CVC words, words with short vowels, long vowels, consonant blends and vowel digraphs. Bingo is the fun way to practice word recognition!



Teaching strategies - Resources for Teachers

Rainbow Card Games

This collection of card games includes Build A Word Games, Cover Up Games, Rhyme Time Games and Lucky Pairs games. The games practice building and reading short vowel words, long vowel words and words with consonant blends and vowel digraphs. There are also games that practice reading basic sentences and games to practice reading common letter patterns.



teaching strategies resources for teachers

Rainbow Domino Games

There are three different styles of domino games in this collection, picture to letter/s dominoes, Rhyming Dominoes and 5 in a Row Dominoes. These games vary from basic initial letter practice to word building with 3 letter consonant blends and 3 letter common letter patterns.




Teaching strategies - Resources for Teachers

Advanced Rainbow Board Games

This collection includes over 30 board games that practice more advanced letter patterns and skills including antonyms, synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, compound words, contractions, plurals and homophones. Reading comprehension skills are also practiced with the True or False board game quiz and Jumbled Poetry game.




Teaching strategies - Resources for Teachers

Advanced Rainbow Domino Games

This collection of printable domino games provide practice with word building using prefixes, suffixes, compound words and multi syllable words. Antonyms, synonyms, homophones and contractions are also featured in these games.





Teaching strategies - Resources for Teachers

Advanced Rainbow Card Games

This ebook gives a variety of printable card games that practice more advanced letter patterns, multi syllable words, compound words, contractions, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, word meaning and more! The Build a Riddle Games are sure to become favorites and the Lucky Pairs games will challenge the kids word building skills.




Teaching strategies - Resources for Teachers

Advanced Rainbow Bingo Games

Challenge the kids with these bingo games to develop their language skills and vocabulary skills. They can play Antonyms Bingo, Synonyms Bingo, Homophones Bingo, Prefixes Bingo, Suffixes Bingo, Word Pairs Bingo, Collective Nouns Bingo and more!




And the cost?


Don't worry. I am the biggest tight wad of all when it comes to spending my hard-earned money. You want to guarantee that you will get MORE than your money worth every time you take dollars from your pocket.

Would you believe each activity comes in at less than 14 cents?

That is not a miss print.

14 cents per activity.

Check this out RIGHT HERE and bring life to your teaching resources - NOW!

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