Teaching Number Facts – A Strategy that Works

Teaching Number Facts

Teaching Number Facts

This is one of those teaching strategies that support active learning because teaching number facts makes certain students are heavily involved in the learning process. It is a cracker of a lesson for relief teaching.

Teaching Number Facts is great because

  • it takes almost no preparation;
  • it does not require any resources;
  • it suits all grades and all student abilities.

How can you go wrong?

This is always the first lesson on my relief teaching day and the kids with whom I have regular contact now know what to expect.

I have modified the teaching strategies to include peer tutoring in the learning process.

I wanted to increase active engagement of students.

I only just tried it out when I was relief teaching with a group of year 6 students and it worked a treat.


Teaching Number Facts should be in everyone's bag of tricks.

Teaching Number Facts is not rocket science just old-fashioned number facts and old-fashioned teaching - well maybe not so old-fashioned teaching.

The lesson is prepared on PowerPoint. Firstly the kids had to write up a table.

They are then presented with SET 1 - 10 number facts with a space of 5 seconds between facts. ie. 50 seconds for 10 facts.

After writing down their answers, the PowerPoint moved on to the answer screen. (I love it when pushing a button is one of the teaching strategies.)

The kids marked their own work and recorded both the sum and the answer all their incorrect answers.

Here is where I moved the learning process to include peer tutoring as one of the teaching strategies.

I paired a student who scored highly with a student who didn't. This small group worked within the classroom to learn the number facts.

The "peer" used any method they wanted to improve the performance of their "mentor".

The peer tutoring only went on for 3 minutes of so.

(Honestly, peer tutoring is one of my significant teaching strategies in the learning process.)

After the peer tutoring, we proceeded to the SET 2 - another 10 number facts with a space of 4 seconds.

And the cycle progressed. After each SET the kids moved into peer tutoring groups where the teaching of the number facts was strengthened.

It is actually amazing how much peer tutoring adds to the learning process. It is active learning at its best.

It really adds to the effectiveness of teaching.

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Relief Teaching - Number Facts Teaching Strategies

Add teaching number facts to your relief teaching repertoire.


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