Teaching Spelling Demons

Spelling Demons

We all know there are hundreds of spelling demons.

Teaching spelling demons is a challenge. Having students learn to master spelling demons is even harder.

You know these spelling demons. In fact, you may well be stuck on these spelling demons yourself.

How do you teach spelling demons to your class?

Teaching Spelling Demons the Cool Way

One of my spelling demons is questionnaire (or is it questionairre?)

The problem is teaching spelling demons can be sooo boring.

Spelling worksheets are a good way of teaching spelling. Using spelling demons in context is another.

But there are only so many spelling worksheets you can do without boring kids out of their brains.

Teaching students to look at the key elements of spelling demons is critical to success.

Worksheets that Work

This is one of the spelling worksheets I have used many times when relief teaching.

I like using this style as a teaching tool because it really makes the kids THINK.

These spelling worksheets look like crosswords but they don't have clues.

spelling demons relief teaching

The spelling demons are in word banks by number of letters.

spelling demons relief teaching

All the words fit into the grid. The challenge is to locate them using strategic analyse of their graphophonic structure - Now that is a good skill to master!

The kids have to start with the obvious words first and place them into the grid.

If there is only one 11 letter word, it goes in first.

Teaching spelling demons using effective teaching strategies

The next strategy is to look at the cross letters.

In this case, one of the cross words is a 5 letter word, the second letter being E.

Teaching spelling demons using effective teaching strategies

There is only one word which fits the bill - weird.


What are the kids doing throughout these spelling worksheets?

Looking at the elements of the spelling demons!

Nice Outcome!

Get the picture?

The Best Part

spelling demons

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