Teaching Strategies – First 10 Minutes of Relief Teaching

teaching strategiesThe teaching strategies you use within the first 10 minutes will make or break your relief teaching day.

It is here you want to pull out the sharpest, most effective teaching strategies you have in your bag of tricks.

You need to shine within the first 10 minutes.

Relief Teaching Strategies


You want  a learning activity that promotes active engagement.

Think about it.... What do you want these kids, this class, this school to think about you? 

When I am relief teaching, I want the kids to get one key message

"I take my job seriously, and I am going to VALUE ADD to these kids".
So have a 

  • snappy, 
  • highly structured, 
  • fast paced, 
  • easily achievable activity that will 

KNOCK their sox off!

These teaching strategies must promote active learning and all kids will feel success.

At the same time they need to feel challenged.

This is the time when YOU control the activity.

What a way to stamp your authority as a relief teacher who CARES!

    Learning Activities similar to -

This is a mental math learning activity where the kids race the clock. Active engagement comes from the challenge of beating their own personal score. It is designed so the least able student will experience success but the more able student will be challenged.

This learning activity focuses clearly on students working. One of the more basic teaching strategies for relief teaching I will admit, but it does send the message that you want the kids to work.

  • Place Value

This is my favourite learning activity. It is a simple strategy that teaches kids to read numbers to millions. Place value is a vital skill and should be a learning activity included in all math lessons.

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