Teaching Strategies that Pump Out Creative Thinking Kids

Teaching Strategies that Pump Out Creative Thinking Kids Teaching Strategies for Creative Thinking

What teaching strategies will keep kids alert?

Every teacher knows what they want. They want a class full of students who are always alert.


Teachers want children who have lively, enquiring minds. But what teaching strategies can you employ to build a stimulating classroom environment.

Teachers want students who are active and fully engaged with learning. But what teaching strategies should they use?

Wouldn't that be heaven if you could employ teaching strategies that keep kids alert, engaged and actively learning?

Let's face it.

Teaching strategies that develop creative thinking take work.

I know you want me to tell you that these are easy to plan, easy to implement and easy to include in the day-to-day classroom.

Well they are!

If you want to develop creative thinking skills, you need to develop language games that expand children’s experiences so they meet and create new ideas.

These language games must provide new experiences and get students into the habit of exploring and expanding their creative thinking capabilities.

These teaching strategies need to encourage playful behaviour and enable students to actively participating in fresh activities.

After all variety is the spice of life.

And language games can spice up the effective classroom.

Teaching Strategies that pump out creative thinking skills needs to develop cognitive fitness that uses both parts of the brain.

teaching strategies brain

The right side of the brain flourishes with

  • images;
  • intuitive, holistic and pattern seeking,
  •  it explores, plays and dreams new ideas,
  • making imaginative and spontaneous connections.

Teaching strategies that build the right side of the brain include

  • playful games,
  • a broad variety of fiction,
  • poetry, dramatic plays, music and
  •  nonlinear engagement with ideas.

The left side of the brain likes to

  • observe, record and enriches what it is doing through puzzles,
  • activating logical, reasoning and verbal thinking.

Teaching strategies that build up the left side of the brain include

  • Sudoku type puzzles,
  • quick crosswords, and
  • games that force thinking.

For creative thinking to be a regular part of your classroom you need teaching strategies that feed both sides of the brain.

These language games are great for building the right side of the brain.

Word Association.

Language Games are best when they are fast paced.

This activity involves word generation based on word association.

  • Present one word to the class.
  • In 60 seconds, have the students write down as many words as they can associated with that ONE word.

This strategy develops the creative right side of the brain.

Some children might find this a difficult activity initially.

If so try using a focus picture. As a class, brainstorm words based on the pictures.

Theme Association

This is a variation of word association language games.

The activity also focuses on the right side of the brain.

  • This time gives the children a topic.
  • Ask them to write as much as they can about the topic in 60 seconds.
  • Time them and ask them to count the number of words then try again with another topic.
  • They should write as rapidly as possible.

This limbers up and frees up the mind.

Video Association

Building on the language activities above, this one extended the word association to video.

  • Play a short video clip without sound.
  • The children use the video stimulus as a basis for writing anything that the images trigger.

These three teaching strategies really build creative thinking kids.

Go For It! Get those teaching strategies pumpin'

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