Teaching Strategies using Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games

3 Key Relief Teaching Strategies

Teaching Strategies that Keep Kids Focused

When relief teaching it is very important, even essential to use teaching strategies that focus on these three things.

Cool Math Games help

  • Setting the Learning Agenda 
  • Focusing Kids on Outcomes 
  • Promoting Success

    1. Setting the Learning Agenda with Cool Math Games

Setting the Learning Agenda is one of the most important teaching strategies that you can employ for all teachers but especially when relief teaching.You want kids to know straight away that you are going to value add to their day. You want them to understand that you mean business.

Let's face it. You are relief teaching. The kids will have met many relief teachers during their schooling.  Unfortunately, the terrible truth is that some of them will have been awful.

If you are reading this, then you are obviously not one of them. Unprofessional Teachers don't read relief teaching articles. They are not concerned about implementing effective teaching strategies. They just want the money.

So, on behalf of those kids in the classes who have endured awful relief teaching, many thanks for being here.

Setting the Learning Agenda is one an important teaching strategy to use at the start of the day, especially for relief teachers.

This number facts activity is one of those cool math games that kids really enjoy.

It is a little PowerPoint activity and quite simple to use.

It is an important tool, along with the other cool math games in my relief teaching bag of tricks. I use this one pretty much all the time and with all grades.

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2. Keeping Kids Focused

Any Relief Teachers' biggest challenge is keeping kids focused.

Another of the key teaching strategies for relief teachers is to keep kids focused and do it early.

As far as teaching strategies goes, this is one of the gems.Whenever I am relief teaching in a class, one of the first teaching strategies is use is to pull my Number Facts PowerPoint activities out of my bags of tricks.

I keep a whole heap which are always ready to go.

This is a great teaching strategy to sharpen the old grey matter but what they really do is focus the kids on doing work - and fast.

I quite often rush this activity, by hurrying the kids to get their books out, rule up their grid and keep my finger poised on the Number Facts start button. The kids only see the start of a cool math games, but it is really a powerful learning (and relief teaching ) tool.

3. Promoting Success

This number facts activity is a simple power point which progressively flashes up facts one at a time in sets of ten.

The number facts in the first set flashes up for 5 seconds. The second set flashes up for 4 seconds, the next 3 and so on.

Mind you, in this teaching strategy you must prepare the kids for the 1 second flashes. Only the best kids will manage, but it is important to cater for them as well.

The early activities are really geared for all kids to succeed. Rather than promoting success in terms of the kids end results, have kids compete against their own results.

If they achieve 8 correct on the first set, have them aim for 7 on the second.

Like all cool math games, this one focuses on individual success against their own result.

This teaching strategy is suitable for all teachers but I find it a great activity to start off my relief teaching day.I use this strategy early - usually within the first 10 minutes.

This is the most important part of the day to set your relief teaching agenda.

I use this number facts activity for all of my relief teaching gigs in year 4 to 7 but the template could easily be adapted for your grades.

It is easy to change the timings.The PowerPoint is quite simple and it makes a good template if you would like to alter it for your next relief teaching gig.

Once you get familiar with the template you might like to vary the number fact challenges.

How Cool Math Games Promote Learning

This Number Fact Challenge is a great teaching strategy if you are doing one relief teaching day or many. If your relief teaching gig is over a few consecutive days, would be a good opening activity. It is one of those cool maths games that kids love and learn.

If you regularly return to classes, in a relief teaching capacity, as I do, then it becomes an activity the kids are ready and prepared for.

The PowerPoint includes a worksheet template. This is the opening screen and I get the kids to copy this into their books.

You could get photocopies done, but when relief teaching, it is not always easy to access photocopying privileges.

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