How to Motivate Students – Dirty Little Trick Part 3

How to Motivate Students.

Part Three of a Four Part Series

Relief Teachers have always wondered how to motivate students. It is the $64,000 question.

How to Motivate Students

Maybe the question should be WHY?

Motivated Students 

  • Seldom Misbehave
  • Engage with the Teacher 
  • Support other students
  • Appreciate Teacher Effort
  • Learn more effectively.

Sorry to waste your time. Understanding why we should motivate students is pretty easy to understand. Now let's get to the main question at hand.

How to Motivate Students​?

Let me tell you how to do it with video.

I know what you are thinking. Video can be such a cop out. Watching video is certainly time out. On the other hand it can be a fabulous learning opportunity.

When kids watch videos, their brains usually turn off whereas in the classroom, with an astute teacher, a video can be a powerful and challenging episode.

And that is how I used this next video.


hot to motivate students

BATTLE AT KRUGER PARK is amateur footage filmed in South Africa's Kruger Park. It is on YouTube and it has been watched about 80 million times.

The footage is raw, unedited and amateurish.  Coupled with the realism of lions attacking in South Africa makes in compelling.

So to the Question, "How to Motivate Students?" I answer Watch the Battle at Kruger Park.

Don't just watch it, because that would provide you with about 8 minutes worth of teaching, Turn the Battle at Kruger into a teaching unit and you suddenly have a complete 45 minutes teaching unit.

The review of the story is this.

A herd of buffalo are grazing when they attacked by a pride of lions. The lions separate a young buffalo from the herd and begin attacking it. They drag it drag to the water where a alligator, waiting in a nearby river, attempts to wrestle the calf from the lions. The lions eventually win the battle for the young buffalo calf. The herd of buffalo returns and a battle ensues between the large bull buffalo and the lions as they attempt to get the young calf back. The buffalo encircle the lions and ... well you have to watch to find out the rest.

how to motivate students

With this in mind, if you want to know how to motivate students,  USE THE BATTLE AT KRUGER PARK as the basis of a  KILLER TEACHING UNIT.

And here is the process I have used I guess about 30 times in my reliefteaching gigs..

How to Motivate Students with Video

1. Download Kruger Park from YouTube,

If you trust the schools internet capabilities you could watch it online. I don't usually trust the stability of schools internet.

2. Watch BATTLE AT KRUGER PARK in sections.

Section 1: The grazing buffalo herd approaching the lions

Section 2. The lions pusruing the buffalo and separating the calf

Section 3. The lions battling the alligator for the calf.

Section 4. The buffalo eventually returning and battling the lions for the calf.

2. Attach a different learning opportunity to each section.

Capitalise on the compelling nature of this video with powerful learning activities.

If you can't think of any, I have a complete teaching module in the Executive Suite ready for you to download for free.

Plus the videos.

For the first part, the students watch the video and complete a rather complex clozure activity about what they just watched.

Secondly the watch the next section and complete a challenging writing activity.

After which the students watch the third section and complete a wide range of literacy challenges.

The finale is a cruncher. The climax of the video will have the students on the edge of their seats. If you have build the anticipation, the work related to the final section should be less demanding. Here there is some composing tasks which are more fun than challenging.​

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