How to Motivate Students – The Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Tricks to Motivate Students

motivate students

​Trying to motivate students who don't WANT to be motivated is hard work.

My dirty little secret about how to teach and motivate students is about to be made public.

Sometimes, I find teaching bloody hard work.

Like most teachers, there are times when I feel my days are made up of constant battles. It’s like living in Jersey Shores 24/7.

You are just waiting for someone, somewhere, sometime to do something stupid - and you just hope it isn't YOU.

Relief Teaching is Tough

Teachers need to have a chance just to take a breather every now and then. Don’t get me wrong. I love teaching.

Most of the time being in front of a class, trying (at least) to motivate students and making a difference charges me. And if kids learn.… well that’s good too.

But honestly. Trying to motivate students - I should say SOME students is a pretty tough gig.​

motivate students

When I am relief teaching, my lessons are usually pretty high energy.

I work hard.

I use a range of teaching strategies to motivate students,

My gosh! Some even work!

I pump the kids up, I push and push and demand!

My aim is to use motivate students so they want to learning even if they think they don't want to.

Get the kids engaged!

At the end of the day, after trying a gazillion different strategies to motivate students, like most teachers I am mentally and some times, physically exhausted.

What I find is I can’t do high energy required to motivate students for 5 hours a day.

I just can't work at that level of tension all day.

I can’t do it.

If you can, well ... I’ll nominate your portrait to be on the next postage stamp. Ooops! STOP – That would be silly!

Motivating Students Should be Easier.

Even bike riders appreciate the down hill leg.

Haven't you seen Cadel Evans lift his bum from the seat and coast downhill?

The fact is, the level of high energy teaching that everyone expects is far too demanding for long periods; for kids and teachers alike. You have to plan a bit of coasting time for yourself so you can pep yourself up for the next steep hill.

The big problem is --- tarump-a-rump-pah! Your teaching strategies must promote active learning. We know motivated students don't play up. Unmotivated students DO!

Let me put my principal hat (or ex-principal hat).

Don’t equate coasting for slackening off. That would be a recipe for disaster. Kids are very astute. If you are teaching or relief teaching and you are being slack - kids will punish you with misbehaviour.

Principal Hat - Off! End of sermon.

My point is always have a cracker - high energy - high output lesson balanced with a cracker - low energy - high out put lesson.

Let Me Show You

So what are the lessons that better relief teachers use to focus on active learning, motivate students, implement great teaching strategies and enable teachers to have a breather?

The Answer is HERE

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