Student Motivation – Dirty Little Secrets Part Two

Student Motivation - Part Two

So what are the lessons I use that focus on active learning, motivate students, use great teaching strategies and enable teachers to have a breather?


Worksheets do not make a great lesson any more than a shovel makes a great building.

Worksheets are tools that have to be used correctly.

I love Word Place activities. These are sort of like crosswords without the clues. Student Motivation is usually high as finding the correct word is challenging and not straight forward.

Students have a word bank and the words must be placed inside a grid provided it fits, Students have to THINK strategically for it to work.


Teacher Energy level is LOW but Student Motivation is HIGH.

You have just built a student motivation watershed!

I sometimes use peer tutoring and let the students work in groups.

​There is no secret that I love crossword. I find them fabulous for student motivation because nothing is as straightforward as it seems.

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The Video below shows how this works.

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student motivation 2


You just HAVE TO love activities where kids have to sit and listen - AND LEARN!

Times have changed a bit and now everything is filled with noise. Listening has become an acquired skill and honestly we have to tune kids into listening when it is important to do so.

I just love the Walking with Dinosaur series. It is just captivating. I haven't had a class yet who complains about watching it. I have had kids complain that they have to work hard to get all the answers. Well boo-hoo!.

If you are looking for a video to go into your relief teaching kit - make it this one. I purchased the whole set on ebay for under $12. Best $12 I ever spent because I use this kit time and time again.

The Teaching Kit 1 looks at the First Video - Walking with Dinosaurs First Blood.

You can also access this episode on YouTube, Daily Motion but I recommend you download the file and keep it somewhere. 

Once you have tried this lesson you will use it time and again.

​The Teaching Kit that goes with this series is available from the Executive Suite.

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