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Teaching Strategies for Relief Teaching

Relief Teaching kids

Student Behaviour

Classroom Management 4 Ways to Empower Yourself

  • When relief teaching there is a great risk of reacting too quickly to disruptive students and the behaviour - or misbehaviour.  There is the belief that a big stick is needed for behaviour management. Classroom management is much more than dealing with disruptive students. READ MORE

Teaching Strategies - When Relief Teaching Goes Pear Shaped

  • Relief Teaching isn't easy. In fact teaching isn't easy. Teaching strategies that create effective teaching are the most important goals of any lesson. However, sometimes it just goes pear-shaped.  READ MORE



Relief Teaching kids in classroom

Classroom Management

Relief Teaching Ice breakers

  • There are times, when you are relief teaching, that you would like to see your class working together as a team. Ice breakers will do that for you. Good ice breakers can easily be turned into learning activities. READ MORE

The First 10 Minutes

  • Effective teaching strategies within the first 10 minutes will make or break your relief teaching day. It is here you want to pull out the sharpest, most effective teaching strategies to shine. READ MORE

3 Key Relief Teaching Strategies that Keep Kids Focused

  • When relief teaching it is essential to use teaching strategies that focus on
    • Setting the Learning Agenda,
    • Focus Kids on Outcomes and
    • Promote Success

You want kids to know straight away that you are going to value add to their day. Let's face it. You are relief teaching.

Does Teacher Stress Kill Effective Teaching

Teacher Stress is a normal part of the job - for all teaching and relief teaching. We all know that. Stress reduction is important to your health. We also know that. But what is stress, REALLY? READ MORE

Peer Tutoring - Relief Teaching strategy

Peer Tutoring - 5 Teaching Strategies

 Teaching Strategies to Master Peer Tutoring one of those fabulous teaching strategies to support TOTAL MASTERY of a concept and support active student engagement. READ MORE

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