Think Pair Share Strategy – A Power Teaching Strategy


Using THINK PAIR SHARE strategy is fabulous for chatty classes.

This is a learning activity where talking is critical to learning so a noisy class and noisy students are well catered for.

Consider this activity

Who had the more dangerous jobs - pioneers who sailed the sea or modern astronauts?



THE FIRST STEP in a think pair share activity is to have students take a few minutes to consider some issue or concept. It is probably best to allow them to write stuff down - even jotting a few notes.



Once the student has independently written down some notes they discuss it with one or more of their peers. The "pair" discuss, share idea and, if an opinion is needed, develop a stance



Finally pairs join with larger groups (sometimes this can be the whole class) where they share their thoughts in a formal discussion.

Students need some prior knowledge of the subject matter to discuss it in a meaningful. The  think pair share exercise is useful in situations where learners can identify and relate what they already know to others.

The purpose is allow the noisy class to channel their chatter into a purposeful learning activity.