Teaching Tips – 10 Ways to use a Newspaper in the Classroom

Can you get any cheaper teaching resources than newspapers? OK - shopping catalogues might be cheaper.
Most schools have newspapers piled up somewhere, and they are great classroom resources.
Try these free teaching activities but remember that most of these activities will be extremely messy and generate a lot of waste.

1. Use a newspaper to create sentences. Cut words from different pages. Start with a 3 word sentence. Then a 4 word sentence, then 5 right up to a 12 word sentence.

2. Try the same activity with letters. Make words with letters from different pages  First 3 then 4 and so until you reach the limit. A dictionary might be needed.
3. Conduct word search races. Give students a couple of pages each and have them race to find words if your choice. Person who finds the word cuts it out and sticks it in their book. First to 10 wins.
4. Word find. Give the kids a word grid. They must find a synonym for that word and stick it on the grid. CLICK here for a sample of the grid.
5. Have the students construct a sentence using the words from 5 different headings. Try the same activity with 6 different headlines and so on.
6. Cut out a news article. Students must change every 6th word but keep the same meaning of the story.
7. Newspaper treasure hunt
For this activity you will need a pile of old newspapers, enough to distribute amongst teams of 4-5 students. Write a list of articles / words / pictures which the students need to find, and give teams a copy of the list. Tell them to cut out their 'treasures' and glue them next to the appropriate word in the list (or make a note of the page number). Possible list:
A job advert
Some good news
Some bad news
Reference to a famous political figure
News about a star
Weather forecast
News about a sport
Name of a country
Favourite news item
8. On a map of the world, cut out the newspaper headline and by line for as many different countries as possible
9. Cut out a sports story and colour as many verbs as possible.
10. Make a bar graph of the occupations mentioned in a newspaper or a section of pages from a newspaper. 

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