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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your wonderful Pod cast on behaviour management.
I have a question. If a teacher has left work for you and has instructed you to follow the routine/ program , how do you deal with it. For example, If I am on a class on a Monday and the teacher just explains to me during my morning duty that you have to mark the roll, assign weekly jobs to the students and then start the spelling lesson explaining rules and activities. How do I respond to this situation. You as a new teacher or someone not familiar with the students is not sure what will work best. you do want to prove that you want to go with the assigned work, at the same time you are not doing something that you are confident about.

If you are asked to takeover a class in the middle of a lesson, how to maintain the continuity. For example, you are sent to a class where a teacher needs to be relieved for another job and s/he is half way through her lesson and you are asked to continue it.

This may sound more like a school management issue rather than a behavioural issue but still I would like you to provide some tips from your experience. Also could you please shed some light on transition activities.
kind regards,


    Thank you for your comments Asmi. I am glad you are enjoying the podcasts.

    Check this for answers to your first question.

    If however you are asked to take over mid lesson, I would quickly assess whether it is worth continuing or starting afresh. I always carry a bag of tricks with some activity that I could apply to this situation. Search the site for Bag of Tricks and you will see what I bring with me.

    Let me know if I can be of further help.


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