Mathematics – Working with Formulae

Mathematics - Relief TeachingMaths - Working with Formulae

This mathematics suits upper primary - lower secondary students.

The lesson introduces formulae in basic format. lesson suits upper primary - lower secondary maths classes.

Wages = Rates X Hours worked

These are teachable moments and kids need to know how to apply basic math principles to basic math formula.

Understanding the application of this mathematics concept is central to success in maths.

And the application of this formula will go a good way to helping.

You will need to use this as a teachable moment so make sure you understand the mathematics involved.

The PowerPoint contains individual exercises.

Use these exercises as an indication of student mastery. IF you find some kids don't yet have the skill I would suggest using Peer Tutoring.

Once the kids have mastered the W = R x H you could then proceed to Fuel = Distance/Consumption x Cost of Fuel.

This is a more complex mathematics concept and could become another maths lesson at another time.

Alternatively, you could use this as an activity for the more capable students - you know the ones who finish their maths well ahead of time and ask "What do I do now?".

This might be a perfect opportunity to task these more capable students with peer tutoring their class mates.

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