Worth Reading.

I have to share this comment I received from Alan Boddy. Thanks Alan for your kind comments.

At the end of his message, he also shares a tip about a UK website. I did check this website out and they produce great PowerPoints just for Maths. They would be an asset for any relief teacher and they are suitable for all ages.

There are a couple of free ones and they are well worth checking out. I grabbed a few of the freebies myself and was very impressed with the quality.

I am going to use them in the next few weeks as I have a few relief teaching gigs coming up. I will give you feedback when I do.

It is a UK site, but they deal with basic maths concepts which are relevant what ever country you belong to.

You have to pay to download but they are very reasonably priced. Check them out yourself.

Hi Bob,


 I took your advice..............bought a data projector from e bay $250. It's a good one ........set about learning how to use it ..took me a day!

 What a change in my teaching ..I downloaded a few of your powerpoints to test ....magic!

 I`m looking at the dinosaur one plus Geebung Poloclub!  many thanks for that tip!!!!

looks great will try!!

I found this great web site in uk that produces PROFESSIONAL powerpoints in maths only. They are top quality.....................I bought 5 and tested them ...the kids just love em
the site is www.whiteboardmaths.com

 Alan Boddy

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